Posted by Milena on Jun 17th 2023

Hello! Welcome to the Elevator 63 blog. 

To be completely honest, I never liked blogs. It's because blog posts lack the same sense of timelessness that an essay or book has. 

I remember when the Internet was young you could find websites with essays and collections of information. Like a personal encyclopedia. A blog back then was just a public diary (which I did in fact keep in 2002).

So naturally I was really on the fence about having a company blog.

But the more I thought about, the more I saw the appeal. Not only is a blog a simple way of sharing content, sometimes it makes sense to have a dated post. For one, it's less official. You'll know that a blog post reflects my thoughts at that moment of time. Hopefully you will take what I say with a grain of salt. And also, there's a benefit to seeing blogs laid out chronologically. You can view the evolution of thought.

Therefore, I've decided that topics that are more fleshed out, and especially systems, models, or reference articles will appear in the "learn" section of this site. Information and ideas that feel more organized and intentional will also likely be placed there.

This blog will predominately be a place to share my ideas and less developed thoughts. That's not to say that my thoughts won't be interesting or useful. However I won't hold myself to such a high standard for blog posts as I will other content.

In the chance that I get feedback and grow blog ideas into a full model, I imagine I'll add it to the learn section of the site as well.

If you get my newsletter, you'll know what my writing style is like. The blog will be similar in that I'm exploring ideas and making connections as I go. However the newsletter will continue to be more intimate.

I have not decided whether I'll post company news on the blog. I think it may be a good idea, however right now those updates are going out every month in the newsletter. I'm not a fan of redundancy, but sometimes that's the key to spreading news effectively.

So, with transparency I'm letting you know that I don't actually know for sure the type of content I'll be posting here! I expect it'll become clearer in the next few months.

For now, let me say thank you for reading. I hope to bring you more interesting content soon. :)